On March 11, 2011, the massive earthquake happened in Eastern part of Japan. 
As a result of the earthquake and Tsunami,

the nuclear power plant was damaged

(4 plants are meltdown) in Fukushima. 

This nuclear disaster is still going on  and many children are living

in the highly polluted and radiated areas.

In order to solve this problem, we'd like you to sign this petition

so that Japanese government can hear our voice. 

Also, we would like the world to know what is really going on in Fukushima.  

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Prime minister of Japan Mr.  Yoshihiko Noda

The Governor of Fukushima Prefecture Mr. Yuhei Sato


We are concerned for the safety of babies, pregnant women and young 

children who are sensitive to radiation and

are currently living in the area where high radiation has been detected. 

That radiation level is higher then the level

of the radiation controlled area (designed as lower than 0.6 µSv/hr) 

and the “individual radiation exposure controlled

area” ( designed as lower than 2.3 µSv/hr) in Japan. 

We respectfully request the following actions to be taken:


1) We strongly request that you evacuate infants, 

small children and pregnant women who are most easily

affected by radiation. They need to be immediately evacuated further than

 30km from the Fukushima nuclear power plant No.1.


2) In addition to the 30km radius, we are strongly requesting you evacuate infants, 

pregnant women and children from any "Hot-spot" located outside the 30km evacuation

perimeter where high levels of radiation are detected.


3) The 20km limited radiation caution area around the Fukushima nuclear power plant

needs to be drastically broadened. Currently, infants, small children and pregnant women 

who are easily affected by radiation are still living in the “radiation controlled area” 

where theyʼve measured an exceeded radiation dosage. 

These people need to be evacuated further than the 30km area as soon as possible. 

We request to extend the evacuation area, create a safely designed evacuation route 

and enact legislation to improve the locations

that accept people from evacuation areas.


Government should utilize its political power to work on the area 

that needs to be evacuated. You have tobroaden and ensure the evacuation route, 

and also find new places where those people can live. Thank you.




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